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Open Spaces in Chattanooga

A collaborative project with Ruby Wescoat for Open Spaces in Chattanooga. This install gave me more trouble than I anticipated at first, but the bugs are all ironed out now and I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

More than twenty hours of continuous video footage tracing the northern route of The Trail of Tears (from Tennessee through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas before ending in Tahlequah, Oklahoma) is advanced by the passage of pedestrians on the sidewalk. We’ve currently got the first part of the journey (to Cape Girardeau, MO on the Mississipi River) loaded on the computer onsite. I’m planning to get the second half of the footage sometime over the next few months. The installation is scheduled to be up until October 2015, by which point the video should have advanced to the end.

Huge thanks to Ruby for her brilliant conception of the project, and to everyone at River City Company for their work in organizing the exhibition. Special thanks to Heath Montgomery for his assistance in getting me over the finish line, and to Paige Southard for her continual patience and assistance throughout the project.