Looking Out ll

look3A border on a map is a symbol for powerful psychological impulses. This is the line where here becomes there, the line that separates us from them. A surveyor looking to sight on points so distant would have to possess a kind of magical vision, able to oversee all of the intervening obstructions and even through the curve of the earth. Looking Out II is an attempt to see in this way. The traveler lost within the vastness of America enters a 15’ x 15’ room whose walls afford a panoramic view from the nation’s ramparts. The image is built of a linear array of live snapshots, streaming across the net of twenty-first century communications (a map of another sort, ghosting the geographic.) The views are updated at distinctly different rates, from jerky video to minutes-long stills. The viewer is reminded of the technology underlying this x-ray vision, reminded of his physical presence in this place, at this time; while surf crashes on the Pacific coast to his left/west and a truck crawls across the Canadian border.


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