Two Million, One Hundred Thirty Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Paces

Chat_kidsA collaborative project with Ruby Wescoat.
Created for Open Spaces in Chattanooga, TN.

Numerous local monuments and markers, as well as the city’s extensive riverside memorial plaza, mark Chattanooga’s role as one of the principal staging areas for the Trail of Tears. This interactive video installation displays continuous video footage that retraces the Northern Route of the Trail from Tennessee through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas before ending in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. As pedestrians walk through the space in front of the projection, their movement advances the video westward by as many paces as they take on the sidewalk. The video only advances to the west, no matter which way the pedestrians are moving, echoing the inexorable westward movement of the forced Cherokee relocations. The installation was installed for 12 months, by which time the video advanced to the end of the Trail in Oklahoma.



A selection of still images spanning the entire length of the Trail.


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